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How Many Steps Do You Need to Walk Every Day

Walk Walking is a great form of exercise for a couple or reasons. One, you don’t need any equipment, although we’ll talk about one device you should use. Two, you can do it just about anywhere. These two reasons make it a great type of exercise to do when traveling – you don’t have to tote around a bunch of equipment.

If the weather is nice, walking outside is the best for you. Getting your vitamin D from the sun, breathing in fresh air, listening to the birds singing are all reasons why walking outside is good. An if the weather is bad, take your walk inside to either a mall or fitness center.

But a question often asked is “How many steps do I need to walk every day to stay healthy and lose weight?” In America Continue reading

How to Start Exercising If You’re Unfit

Looking in the mirror the truth is there to be seen. Not a pretty site, but never the less all can see that my waistline is not as it was last year. So what happened? I lost the plot and stopped exercising, then I found my love of chocolate return. Then my apple pie and ice cream binges started and that was it really.

Now I face the grim reality of starting all over again as I am out of breath just getting up two flights of stairs. Worse, I’m off to the beach in five weeks. So…

If you’re unfit, it can be hard to know where to begin with exercise. The problem is Continue reading